Software Agreement Challenges πŸ‘

First of all the easiest question to answer – Why is our approach different than others?

Our method will set you up for the long run and help you be flexible and versatile when software vendors comes knocking on the door for renewals or change their license model or certain products change the way they are licensed. We will help you be prepared and we will also see to it that you know what added value the vendor have in the agreement and how to best make use of it.

It dosent matter what software vendor you buy from or what software you use – we can help you with all because our method is not vendor specific.

Why use us a consultant?

We already have a procurement department and a SAM manager that reports to our CIO and so on – Thats exactly why you should use us. LetΒ΄s book a meeting and I will explain more.

We have control of all our installed software

I am sure you do and you should – now that that fact is established lets talk about how we can really help you with the rest.

What are the benefits of using us to help you?

  • Reduce cost of Software Agreements
  • Make you sure that you are compliant in all scenarios
  • Reduce overhead
  • Make better use of your tools that you already have in place
  • Be more powerful in renegotiation / renewing agreements due to the knowledge you will have
  • Executive reports to help decisionmakers
  • Know what you are paying for and why
  • Have the uppehand in negotiating

Who should be in a meeting with us?

What roles we prefer reaching to make this a success? To be really sure that we have all the prerequisites for a great engagement we prefer to have the following roles engaged – we use RACI to support the information flow so not all are involved but all are given relevant information that they need.

  • CFO
  • CIO
  • Procurement / Purchasing
  • SAM manager

I do not start an engagement whitout a solid engagement foundation in place because the chance of you wasting money and time will be high.

As a consultant I can never directly negotiate for you but i can give you the tools to improve your chances of a better agreement.

Where do I work? This is a global business and I am confident that we can have the majority of the meetings online to save both time and travel.

We conduct this services both in Swedish and / or English.

Call me (Peter) +46 70 727 05 72

License Health Checks / Audit Support

Firedrill If you got taken by suprise we are here to help – Have you had an audit sometime or having now then I have long experience of both doing the actual audit myself and being on the customer side helping out and explaining how to meet the needs from the software vendor – because you have obligations that you signed off on when entering any software agreement – please visit my LinkedIn profile to see my previous experience

Moving or moved to Named User Licensing

There is actually more to it that just get this simplified way to roll out software and manage Named User Licensing side by side with traditional perpetual licensing – my experience in this helps me understand and can help your company align the different departments that are involved in handling software – all from the server room to management – English or Swedish